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The value of color printing packaging boxes and their types and uses
2022-02-14 Source: Author: Hengxin Paper Viewed: 1430

Tianjin Carton Factory: Now carton packaging is also the same as clothing and art design, pay attention to personalization, aesthetics, creativity and environmental protection。All kinds of product developers are also working hard on product packaging, specially inviting designers to design product packaging, hoping that when the product is listed, it can catch the eye of consumers from the same to stimulate the purchase of hope。Packaging design is to serve consumers, from the perspective of consumer use, preference is the basic starting point of packaging design。

Types and uses

The type of color printing carton is divided by shape: paper type: there are color, rainbow, metal E pit, printing, B pit, E pit, F pit, S pit color pit paper and H pit, can be made flat and roll。

Uses: Widely used in paper bags, photo shelves, greeting cards, decorative paintings, 3D paper toys, DIY products, children's educational products, student labor textbooks, various craft gift boxes and product packaging mooncake boxes, high-grade cosmetics boxes, tea boxes, wine boxes are also used to make pallets。

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