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Tianjin carton factory printing box loss
2021-10-14 Source: Author: Tianjin Carton Factory Views: 1653

The loss of Tianjin carton factory is a major factor affecting the cost, and the loss control can increase the efficiency of enterprises to a large extent and improve the competitiveness of products。The following is a general analysis of the carton factory's various losses。

  The total loss of Tianjin carton factory is simply said to be the amount of raw paper input minus the amount of finished products。For example, the input of raw paper in the month should produce 1 million square meters, and the inventory of finished products is 900,000 square meters, then the total loss of the factory in the month =(100-90)= 100,000 square meters, and the total loss rate is 10/100×100%-10%。Such a total loss can only be a very general figure。However, the loss distribution to each process will be more clear, and it will be more convenient for us to find ways and breakthroughs to reduce the loss。

  Tianjin carton factory printing box loss

  1.Adding quantity loss: Due to the printing press test machine, accidents and other circumstances during the production of the carton, it will inevitably produce a certain amount of loss, so a certain amount of adding quantity will be added in the order scheduling。

  Formula definition: added quantity loss area = schedule added quantity x carton unit area

  There are many reasons, such as: the loss of the printing machine, the operating level of the printing machine operator is not high, and the loss of the packaging section is large。In addition, the sales department does not control the amount of orders added。In fact, there is no need to add so much additional quantity, too much additional quantity will lead to unnecessary super system, super system can not be digested and will become "dead inventory", that is, overstock, and it is an unnecessary loss。Improvement measures: This should be the performance loss of the printing box department,It can be used as the assessment index of the department,Promote personnel quality and operation level,The sales department strengthens the gate in terms of order increase quantity,There should be a difference between the production of complex and simple additives,It is recommended to include the additional amount in the first piece,Source control,Avoid unnecessary overcontrol or underproduction。

  2.Edge loss: In the production of cartons, the parts around the cardboard rolled off by the die-cutting machine, that is, the edge loss。

  Formula definition: rolling edge loss area =(paper preparation area - rolling area)× storage quantity

  Cause: Normal loss, but when the number is too large, the cause should be analyzed。There are also automatic, manual, semi-automatic die-cutting machines, and the requirements for rolling are also different。Therefore, different die cutting machines must pre-add the corresponding rolling edge to reduce the rolling loss as much as possible。3.Full plate trimming loss: Some carton users require that the edge should not leak white。In order to ensure quality, it is necessary to increase a certain area around the original carton (such as increasing 20mm) to ensure that the rolled carton will not leak white, of which the increased 20mm part is the full version trimming loss。

  Formula definition: full plate trimming loss area =(backup paper area - actual carton area)× storage quantity

  Cause: normal loss, but when the number is too large, the cause should be analyzed and improved

  Practice has proved that under the scientific management mode, the loss can be controlled, as long as the enterprise adopts a reasonable solution, the loss will no longer be the eternal "pain" of the enterprise.。

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