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Tianjin carton
Tianjin carton
Detailed introduction:

What are the principles that should be followed when the carton is customized?

  The cycle of a new product from research and development to the market is getting shorter and shorter, and the structure and form of packaging boxes are becoming more and more diversified。 In order to cope with different regions and purposeless consumer groups, a production community needs various forms of packaging, from creativity, color, specification of materials to production methods, there are different requirements, so timely grasp the market opportunity。

  The packaging products needed in the market must be rapidly designed by means of promoting failure。 Packaging designers must at the same time know the relevant packaging manufacturing technology, scientific and effective use of packaging structure to provide product work and other knowledge, "structural design refers to the use of certain technologies and appropriate materials according to the characteristics and characteristics of the product, according to the market and consumer use of blind and environmental factors.。

  Structural design based on product development, user analysis, use environment, after-sales service on the comprehensive design, product packaging。 Tianjin carton factory occupies an important position in the packaging design system Structural design rationality that product safety, reliability and other structural design of the main location thinking directly affects the positioning of the product。 How can indicators such as user usability avoid the loss caused by design errors, and attach importance to the injectable cleaning of materials at the idea stage。 Therefore, the structural design of the packaging should pay attention to the following principles。

  The safety of packaging is a very important principle。 The "safety principle" ranks first among many principles and is the first principle of successful product development。 Unsafe products, no matter how gorgeous the packaging, must first ensure that they are safe and reliable。 Due to any safety risks in use, the strength and stability of the structure of the packaging must be particularly important in accordance with all the relevant regulations and provisions of the design of the structure to be regulated, after all, the important function of the packaging is to protect the contents。

  As can be seen from the comparison between new products and current products, the difference is a design concept with strong operability, and the aromatics is the scale that defines the difference between the two. The comparability of the products is greatly enhanced to meet the user's curiosity psychology and increase the competitiveness of the products。 Paperboard manufacturers in providing consumers with more and more optional goods at the same time, how to reduce consumption and shelf goods before the selection of time is an important issue that needs to be seriously considered, it can be said that for the success of goods only the choice of consumer sound is very important。 This is also a design method。

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