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Heavy duty carton
Heavy-duty carton solutions
Detailed introduction:

Heavy-duty cartons refer to cartons made of a special high-strength, moisture-resistant corrugated cardboard. The 18 advantages of heavy-duty carton packaging are listed below:

1. Reduce bale materials

Compared with closed wooden cases, the average cost can be reduced by more than 20%。The waterproof paper and waterproof plastic film in the closed wooden box can be omitted。

2, simple assembly

Like corrugated cardboard, it can be folded into a box。

3, operator safety

When the cardboard is made into a box, it is not necessary to use the hammer, saw, etc., which is used for wooden cases, and the operation is safe and will not cause injuries due to wood thorns。

4, shorten the working time

The wooden box should be completed by hammering the operation, and the cardboard is folded and fixed by the packing belt, the packing operation time is greatly shortened, and its weight is 1/3 to 1/5 of the wooden box, which is light and can save manpower。

5. Light weight

The weight of heavy-duty cardboard boxes is 1/3 to 1/5 of that of wooden boxes。

6. Save transportation costs

When making wooden cases, because the board and the board must be nailed on the horizontal wooden strips first, the external volume becomes larger。The seven-layer cardboard box because it is an integrated surface and surface joint, does not need wood strips, etc., so the carton volume is smaller than the wooden box。Because it can improve the efficiency of truck and container transportation, thereby saving transportation costs。

7, suitable for air transport

Most air freight is calculated by weight, so the use of heavy cardboard boxes with light weight can save a lot of freight。

8, high compression strength

Heavy-duty cardboard is a kind of corrugated cardboard, but it has 10 times the compression strength of general cardboard, so it can be stacked higher。For example, the compression strength of heavy-duty cardboard boxes with a length of 1m, a width of 1m and a height of 1m is about 3-5 tons。

9, can be made into sealed packaging

Heavy-duty cardboard is a box made of multiple layers of cardboard in one piece, and it is completely sealed with waterproof tape, so it can be made into a sealed type。

10, in line with world specifications

Heavy-duty cardboard boxes meet the government relations specifications requirements of major countries in the world, ensure quality, and meet more than 42 government relations specifications such as the U.S. Federal Specification PPP-B-640d, U.S. Railroad Specification No. 41 and U.S. Truck Specification Clause 222 as representative specifications。

11, good moisture resistance (rain)(snow)

The kraft paper used for the surface and bottom of heavy-duty cardboard boxes is made of a water-resistant long fiber as raw material, plus the use of reinforced core paper and waterproof glue, the strength will be reduced after the rain, but it has the characteristics of recovering strength after drying。

12. Trademarks are good for recycling

According to the EU's strict recycling requirements, heavy cardboard boxes exported to the EU must have the CorrugatedRecycles trademark before they can be recycled and reused as papermaking raw materials。This saves both exporters and importers on recovery costs。

13. No fumigation required

In order to protect their natural environment, more and more countries need to fumigate wooden boxes, disinfection, heat treatment, forced drought and other epidemic prevention work, major countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, the European Union, the United States, Russia, etc., in the near future will rapidly expand to other countries。Wooden box packaging export to spend a lot of fumigation costs, in this point heavy cartons can be eliminated。

14, the surface can be printed

Heavy-duty cardboard boxes and general corrugated cardboard can be printed on the surface, but also 2-3 color printing。

15, can be made into extra large size

Heavy-duty cartons can be made into oversized sizes, and the cardboard of heavy-duty cartons with a width of 2470mm and a length of 6000mm can be bonded directly。

16. Transport after folding

Due to the folding state of transportation, heavy cardboard boxes can save freight and storage fees for bale materials。

17, receive small batch orders

In order to receive small batch orders and provide a variety of services, heavy-duty cardboard boxes can be set up for customers in the country, a regional exclusive three-level manufacturing plant。

18. Easy to dispose of

Because heavy-duty cardboard boxes are made of long fiber raw materials, they can be recycled as primary paper raw materials。Because countries around the world have cardboard recycling systems, it is very convenient to dispose of waste。

Advantages of heavy cartons instead of wooden cases:

1, material unit price, heavy corrugated is one-third cheaper than wood;

2, heavy cartons can be folded, accounting for 70% of the warehouse space, can improve the warehouse loading rate;

3, heavy cartons are directly exported, environmentally friendly materials, protect the environment, save resources, easy to destroy, can be recycled;

4, light weight, convenient operation, can improve staff efficiency, reduce 20% labor costs;

5, can print patterns, good appearance, improve the added value of products and the company's brand value;

6, the third party transportation costs are low, heavy carton factory folding transportation is 30% of the molding wooden box transportation, transportation costs are reduced by 30%;

7, durable use, heavy carton factory can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-column worm。

Heavy-duty carton factory instead of wooden box packaging, is the general trend, with China's industrial overcapacity, more and more enterprise products out of the need for large objects exports are also more and more, heavy carton factory packaging demand is unexegeable

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